DIY Slime Has Hit Our Home

I never understood the infatuation so many young girls around us seemed to have with making slime. Well, the slime craze has invaded our home full force, and I’m the most intrigued! After looking up the science behind how making slime works, I’ve tasked myself with finding other materials to use to create slime. (Science Mom enlightened me the most!) Constantly, I am looking at ingredient labels searching for the existence of a polymer.

A few days ago I found an amazing polymer to make slime! POLIGRIP! Yes, that nasty pasty stuff used to hold false teeth in your mouth makes a wonderful slime! It’s thicker and stronger than a lot of slimes out there, but I love it! I feel like I’m getting a little work out for my hand and arm muscles as I manipulate and stretch this addictive substance.

Here’s how I happened to stumble onto this Poligrip Slime. I figured with poly in the name that it would be an ideal candidate to create my concoction. I squeezed all that was in the tube into a glass bowl and then slowly added some water and mixed them. Poligrip is more like toothpaste rather than the consistency of glue.  The water made it more like a paste with added texture. I was afraid it was going to fail already at this point. I kept on adding water until it seemed less stiff.

Next, I added some borax water and mixed them together. It was obviously changing the polymer into something pliable. It was a little sticky so we added some saline solution which seems to immediately remove any stickiness to any slime you’re making.

The result was this amazingly stretchy and bouncy slime. There were chunks of the Poligrip present at first, but after letting the slime settle in a sealed container overnight, the chunks somehow magically just disappeared…completely!  I can still play with this slime several days later, which is unusual for DIY slime. It’s stiffer than it was originally, but still fun to mess with. I may try adding some more water to it to see if I can revive it somehow to it’s former glory.

Do you enjoy making slime? What are some ways you’ve achieved some ooey gooey fun? Please post recipes or videos below!

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