Fajita – Frozen? or Fresh?

Just throwing this out there! Guess you’d call this a fluff post, but I thought I’d throw my 2 cents worth in on frozen vs. fresh food…specifically this time, Chicken Fajitas. I purchased this particular kit because I thought, “hey! fast for lunch!”. Well, firstof all, had I looked at the nutrition label, I’d never bought this item to begin with. Look at that sodium!!

It was extremely simple to cook. Just throw it all in a skillet with some oil for 12 minutes and ta-da! The tortillas get warmed up and thawed out in the microwave.

Finished Product

Honestly, it didn’t taste really great. It certainly had a fake taste to me, but then again, it’s very seldom I buy frozen kits like this. I’m a fresh girl most of the time. The spices were not good in my opinion. It would have tasted much better with fresh onions and garlic rather than powder. The tortillas were so chewy, they were just bleh. (I am supposed to be eating gluten free anyway.) After they cooled off from being in the microwave, the edges got hard which also count against them.

So if I was doing thumbs up or down for this quick meal, I’d give it thumbs down. For real though….chicken fajitas are so easy to make fresh, that frozen meals of it is just not necessary. You can buy the peppers and onions already sliced at the grocery store to save time if you need to, but on the other hand, while you have your chicken cooking in the oven, you can slice up everything you need.

I’m sticking with my philosophy on this one….Fresh is Always Best!!

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