Goal Challenge – Week 1

Goals. Something I’ve not really done much of in my life is create goals for myself. Sure, I make daily and weekly lists of things that need to get done, but nothing life changing. That’s part of what a true goal is [to me], is that it’s something that will alter the way you do life. Maybe it adds balance to your life or creates financial freedom. For the sake of this challenge, my goals are going to create more of balance in my life and hopefully, increase my health physically, mentally and spiritually.

I’m making this a 4 week challenge. I am setting goals for myself each week. This first week, I’m setting 3 life change goals. Next week, I will ADD more. I’m not saying, “Yay! I reached my goals from last week, now I’m going to try these next set of goals.”. No, I will hold onto and continue the previous weeks’ goals into each new set because as I mentioned, these are meant to alter the way I do life. So here’s my goals for this week starting today (July 21, 2018)

  1. Sweat Daily

I was watching a gentleman on YouTube last night who’s views on health made a lot of sense to me. He stated that because we live indoors most of the time in a temperature controlled atmosphere, our skin holds onto toxins that can lead to things like psoriasis, eczema and maybe even skin cancer. This makes sense to me as sweat is meant to not only cool our bodies down, but to also remove toxins. We sit around “comfortable” all day every day, and those toxins don’t escape our bodies.  So my first goal is to sweat daily, which in turn means I need to exercise. Yes! Double bonus! I started today by walking my dog, and yes, in coastal North Carolina in July, you can sweat just by walking. Heck! You can sweat just by stepping outside some days.

2. Pray! Morning, Noon & Night

Praying for me is part of my relationship with God. If you’re in a relationship and don’t talk to the other person(s) of that relationship, it’s not going to be much of anything. So, I need to work on talking to my God and Savior more…more often and more intently. In the mornings, I will do my devotion and pray by myself. In the afternoon, I will be praying with Ryan (my son). We homeschool, so he’s with me all day and this will be great for both of us!  At night time, I will be praying with my whole family (my son and my husband). This will not only help us in being closer to God in conversation, but it will help us to connect with each other in a deeper way. I can’t wait!

3. Replace Electronics With Nature

I admit, this one may be one of the hardest to accomplish! My phone is in my hand way more than it should be every single day. It’s time to put it aside and spend some time outdoors, soaking in the sun, walking barefoot in the grass and breathing in the fresh ocean air. It sounds so lovely doesn’t it? You’d think I’d happily put electronics aside to do this every day, but it’s the “chore” of gathering things together, getting in the truck and making sure we have enough money for gas to go venturing off. But I’m making this a commitment. It is a necessity I believe and Ryan will benefit from it too, as again, he is with me all day and doesn’t have a choice. (insert grin and slightly evil laugh)

I’ve written them down on our homeschool whiteboard so I can see them every day, all day.

So those are my goals for this week, and to continue as a normal part of my life. Next week, I will add more and I will let you know how it went, what my struggles were and how dedicated I was to putting these into play in my every day life.

What are some goals you could create for yourself? Are they every day goals that ultimately change how you do life like mine, or are they more long term goals with a deadline for you to achieve?  Please share with me in the comments below!

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