Mobi Math Tiles Game Review

“Math! It’s always the most fun subject and so easy to get our kids to understand!”

That doesn’t sound quite accurate does it? I hear from many parents (public and homeschool alike) that are struggling with helping their child with their math skills. For some, it becomes a cry fest as the child gets frustrated and the parent isn’t sure how best to help them. In other households, tyrants rule as tempers flare as yet another failed math test rears it’s ugly head. As homeschoolers, we often switch curriculums trying to find the one that just may be the magic needed to get our kids to understand the concepts with ease.

Math is not an easy subject for a lot of people; kids and adults alike. I’m learning a lot of things all over again that I’d forgotten from when I was in school. I just can’t wait for algebra! Uh hem…not really. Luckily as a homeschooler, I can teach my son the way most of us adults learned math and not the confusing cc standard so many schools are teaching now. That is a saving grace. But difficulties still arise, especially when it’s a concept that’s simple to me, but my son just can’t fully grasp it. Even something like memorizing the times tables can bring on the anxiety my son feels when he can’t “get it” the first time.

I am happy to share that we have found something that lightens the mood of math in our house. Books are laid aside and we sit next to each other at the kitchen table actually excited to “do math”. Game on! Wait…what?

Yes! Game on! Mobi Math Tiles Game that is. What a blast! It’s like creating a crossword puzzle, but with mathematical equations instead. There’s no time limit and we each work on our own “puzzle”, so there’s no shoving other people’s tiles out of

Ryan beating me at Mobi Math Tiles Game.

the way or getting frustrated because someone else took the space you were going to use. It’s just calm, and I enjoyed watching my son think through the steps he needed to do to best use his tiles.

The tiles are well made.

The tiles are hard plastic (much like dominoes) so you know they will last and not break right away. They all fit into this fun whale shaped pouch so it’s easy to take them with you. I’m a huge fan of easily portable games!

The instructions are for the most part are easy to understand. We had one or two questions about whether or not we could set the tiles where we had them, or if that was considered an “illegal move”.  A quick search online helped to clarify.

The game between Ryan and I lasted probably 45 minutes. He won! I honestly created an equation that was incorrect. I think it was good for him though to see that even adults sometimes get things wrong. This game really did boost his confidence and he got excited when he came up with some cool equations. We will most certainly be playing this game whenever we need a break from the books!

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