Mom’s Doing What?!? She’s a Little Crazy.

I hit a new kind of crazy yesterday. So thankful for my husband’s friend that gave us a table saw, otherwise, my idea would have been lost and never fully implemented. So, crazy idea + table saw = …….

Michael (my husband) and I were discussing what to do about a computer for our son. We have so many computers we are not using for one reason or another that I could not bear thinking of buying another one! So first, several computers in our house is on the chopping block…going to recycling actually. We have an iMac that needs the screen repaired. We’ve decided to do that and set it up in the living room for our son to use.

Set it up in the living room? Where?!?! There’s no room and we don’t have a desk. Hmmmm…my brain starts bubbling I’m thinking so hard. I’ve got it!

I’ve been busy purging this past weekend and our bookshelf has two empty shelves. No books! No need to have a 6-7 foot tall book shelf. Hmmmm…table saw.

I get busy unloading all that’s on the bookshelf. My son gets excited thinking we are rearranging the room. He gets excited over that because of me of course. Ha ha. Ryan (my son), helps me pull the backer off the back of the bookshelf. “What are we doing Mom?” I don’t answer. We pull the saw out of the garage. “Ummm, Mom…what ARE you doing?!?!” We are sawing our bookshelf into two pieces I tell him. ….What!!?

We proceed to drag the shelf outside to the saw. It’s quite wobbly without that backer. It was somewhat difficult to keep straight, but I march forward with my outrageous plan. I was trying really hard to get it done before Michael got home. It didn’t happen.

Michael walks in with the most perplexed look on his face. I’m on the floor putting a much smaller piece of the backer onto one the pieces of shelving. He is speechless.

My end results…a much shorter bookshelf that also functions as an end table beside the loveseat. Also, a nice little desk for Ryan in the corner of the living room where the full sized bookshelf once stood.

This is working perfectly! Best part is that it didn’t cost a single cent! Now, does anyone know what I can do to transform a small round end table? 😉 (dun dun dun)

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