Ready, Set…Goals, Not So Much

I apologize for my last post. I should have known better than to challenge myself so soon to something that would require me to post weekly. It’s still so early in the game for me as I am just getting started on this blog thing. It’s difficult for me to get on the computer so often. I have a love/hate relationship with electronics and technology. I would love to create fun valuable content, but I hate all the time it requires on the computer. Im hoping to learn a way to streamline things so maybe I won’t feel completely engulfed by it.

I will let you know however how that week of goals went.

1. Sweat Daily…This was the easiest one by far! Living in coastal North Carolina in July, I can just walk out my door and sweat. But seriously, I did make it a point to get more active outside.

2. Replace Technology with Nature…You can see my disdain for electronics coming through on this one! LOL. Ironically, two days after I set these goals, I started to get design work in! Being a graphic designer keeps me on the computer a lot. So I think I had one successful day with this one.

3. Pray…Morning, Noon and Night…(sigh). I am sorry to say this was the most difficult one. It’s sad really. The one relationship in my life that saves me from hell, I have the hardest time putting the effort into. Sad…so sad. Praying in the morning by myself was the easiest of the three. I managed that most of the days that week. It didn’t happen at all with my son in the afternoon. We decided we didn’t care for the Bible curriculum we were using; it wasn’t working well for us, so we struck it from the schedule. (I’m saving up the money to buy the one we did last year and loved so much.) We prayed together as a family (beyond meal time) one night. Our family prayer time may be few and far between, but it’s always powerful! We always learn a lot about each other as truth seems to spill from our hearts and minds, namely my son. We learned that the coding and trumpet lessons, he was only doing because he wanted to please us…they are not things he is really interested in. So thankful for truth, even when disappointments come along side.

So, I will not continue the goals series at this time. I have a really hard time with goals anyway. In fact, right now, I’m in the depths of a goal of losing weight. My goal weight is 135. I’ve lost 18 pounds so far. My husband has lost 80 pounds on this program! I admit I have troubles with snacking…though they are approved snacks with the program. My second issue is eating the correct portion size for my one lean and green meal…and my snacking too. I need to buckle down on this! I have a hard time thinking “future”, as I live so deeply in the moment…even if I’m not enjoying that moment. I need to find motivation somewhere, somehow. (Sigh) it’s really tough. COMMENT BELOW WHAT MOTIVATES YOU!

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