Rock N’ Learn Physical Science – A Brief Review

I thought I’d get a DVD from the library for science last week for homeschool. The one I found was Rock N’ Learn Physical Science. The label indicates it’s for 5th grade and up. Right off, I don’t fully agree with that label. 

The good thing about this video is that it’s not super long and the subject material I would say is appropriate for 5th grade. I’d also say it would work for grades 1-4 as well. The animation is where this DVD really falls short. My son (9 years old), was very put off by the characters in the video. Many times he asked me to just turn it off.  If I was basing my opinion just on the animation, I’d put the grade level at grades 1-3 only.

There were a handful of instances where the characters (pencils, lightbulb and young boy) actually made flirtatious statements. To me, this was completely unnecessary and inappropriate. I don’t know if kids would notice it like I did. (My son did.)

So overall, I’d give this video 3 out of 5 stars. I feel the grade level should be lowered, but the content was easy to understand and follow. I think kids could easily take notes (teachers too) and create a little quiz at the end.

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  • Ryan daniel February 28, 2018 at 4:26 pm

    I personally agree with my mom.
    age should be lowered,but I believe some kids could learn a good amount of science from it!


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