Schooling is Not Cut-and-Dry

One thing I recall with public school when I was a kid, and for the 3 years my son was in public school, is that you are taught one way whether that’s the way for you to learn or not. If a curriculum isn’t working for a child (or multiple kids), you don’t just stop using it and find a better one. You just push through whether the kids are getting anything from it or not.

The beauty of home schooling is you can customize it according to how your child or children learn best. Sometimes I forget this and I push and push a specific program even though my son is showing extremely high levels of frustration with it and not seeming to retain the information. Why do I push? Maybe it’s because, “I spent so much money on this! You have to finish this!” Maybe, it’s because so many other people are raving about how awesome this program is!! It must work if everyone else seems to love it, right?

Embrace the beauty of your child and their unmatched personality!

You need to keep in mind that each child is meant to be a special, unique individual. They aren’t meant to conform into one mind with the same disposition as all of their peers. [This is why public school fails so many.]  Embrace the beauty of your child and their unmatched personality! What works for some kids, even your child’s best friend whom they seem to be almost identical to, doesn’t necessarily work for your child. Pay attention to how your son or daughter learns; what do they gravitate to? Do they seem to prefer hands-on? Do they love to read a lot? Does information on video or audio intrigue them and they can easily summarize what they just saw and heard?

Sometimes they even learn differently with different subjects! This is the case with my son and math. The lady that administers his end of year test suggested a math curriculum that is all on DVD as my son is an auditory and visual learner. He also loves all things electronic! He did ok in the beginning, but as the subject matter got more difficult and things he’d never learned before, the program frustrated him like crazy. I had a really hard time stopping because I had it in my mind, “You must finish what you start!”. Where this is true for many things, you need to realize at some point that it doesn’t make sense to continue doing something that isn’t “working” for you. I had to let go. So it was back to the drawing board for math. <sigh>

There are so many options for homeschool curriculums out there. It can be overwhelming, but do some research. Find sites with curriculum that gives you samples before you buy. Try it out and see how it goes. Buy things used to save money. You won’t feel so bad if you have to stop using it because it’s not a good fit. Ask you child how they like what they are using. Ask them questions to see if they are actually retaining the information or not. It’s ok to step back and rethink how you’re going to teach; whether it is a single subject or changing up the style all together!

God custom made your child. Their education will not be cut-and-dry. Oh, and one more thing….enjoy learning with them!

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