Simplicity is Freedom

Why do I get on Facebook? It often depresses me or makes me angry. Yeah, sometimes I get lonely during the day and I guess that’s why I peruse the posts and read the articles, but it doesn’t make me feel any less lonely.
I want to use my time better, but sometimes I just don’t want to think because my mind is constantly racing…Facebook gives me that “dumbing” that I want same as watching some silly sitcom.
But then I stop, and walk away thinking, “there’s got to be something better and so much more to life!”. It’s a constant battle. I want technology to just disappear most times, but then….what would it really be like?
I often miss living at Colorado Mountain College. I always swore I’d never live in dorms, but it was honestly the best 2 years I spent in my 20’s! You could close your door or go for a walk in the wilderness when you wanted to be alone. But when you really wanted human interaction, it was so easily accessible! I loved it! Why can’t there be communities like this for adults and families? Maybe there is and I just don’t know of them. I miss small town living where you could walk to everything, and people meet up together more often and do things for each other. I guess that’s why a house we looked at in Burgaw was so appealing to me. Ryan and I could walk to most any place we needed or wanted to go! Parks and nature trails were nearby too.
People meet up together more often and do things for each other.
I want things to be more simple. I want less to take care of. I know it’s not popular thinking, but less is better to me. I look around this house and think…”we have way too much stuff! I don’t want it all!”. If we could have what I mentioned above with things being close enough to walk to, I’d be happy having just one car. Would be a lot less expensive! I’d be great with less furniture. I purge my clothes often…it’s the one thing I can get rid of a lot of and no one in my family cares. Books are hard for me to let go of, but I’m working on it….especially with homeschool stuff.
I keep thinking, what if we had a house fire? How much of this stuff would we really try to get back? Or would we find we enjoy the freedom of having less? I can’t help but believe we’d truly enjoy that freedom.
How have you tried to simplify your life? Do you feel more free because of it?

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