Smoothie for the Win!

I love making smoothies (and fresh juice) because it packs a bunch of nutrients into one easy drink. Tasty too I might add! They are also quick and great for on the go!

This morning I made a smoothie for my son and I. I always start with a leafy green. Today was spinach as the kale we have is being saved for a meal one night this week. I also added baby carrots for more veggie power! The remaining ingredients include frozen berries, one banana, plain Greek yogurt, one avocado and coconut water.

I have a great little chart that I use when making a BALANCED smoothie. It helps me to include a healthy liquid, fruit, greens, protein and fat, and a medicinal food for an extra health kick. Can you guess from the ingredients above which is which?

The smoothie was a delicious healthy start to our morning!

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